Fruits Gone Wild is a slot machine game in which the player is challenged to enter a specific pattern of numbers into the corresponding slot machine sequence. Upon winning, the player is rewarded with a payout of one dollar each and additional combinations are worth ten dollars each. The odds of winning in this slot machine game are always higher than that of a regular casino game because in this case, there is no reel to spin. In addition, the number patterns may be changed every few seconds making it difficult for players to predict and avoid losing big jackpots.

This slot game has been produced by Microgaming, a leading manufacturer of casino games. The mechanics of the game are similar to that of other casino slot games, where winning requires hitting the reels and waiting till their corresponding symbols appear on their targeted reels. The fruit icon appears first on the screen followed by other icons as shown in sequence. When all the icons on the rightmost reel line up to form a desired pattern on the corresponding reels, the corresponding symbol on the leftmost reel line up to form a new pattern, and so on. When all the patterns on the three reels of the machine are complete, this results in a winning pattern, hence “fruits gone wild.”

Like other slot machine games, the reels in Fruits Gone Wild follow a predetermined pattern that cannot be changed and the game depends entirely on luck. With increased experience, players gain the confidence and knowledge to identify which symbols on the reels correspond to patterns that they expect to see. Learning this technique of analysis becomes essential as one’s success and chances of winning increase with increasing winnings. Playing on an online casino slot machine that offers this feature is recommended for those who wish to practice their strategy and eventually improve on it through practice and experience.

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